Get ready for a really rambling post.

I've never been a fan of traditional home decorations. A house full of random jars on every table and signs with generic positive sentiments like "Joy" is not for me. Pretty much anything you could buy at a home goods store annoys me.

I think it strikes me as a bunch of meaningless accessories and fluff that clutters up your house and makes it harder to move. That's not to say I hate all decorations though. I really like decorations that are practical or personal/meaningful to me. In my room the only true decorations I have are a poster for my podcast, a "Life on Mars" print I got in Camden Market, a Doctor Who painting a friend made me, and some art I made for a class. The rest are things that are practical and I really like, like my Theory11 playing cards, my wooden safes, my books, etc. They aren't really decorations but are on display. I actually perfer the "things" to the actual decorations, I just can't really put "things" on walls.

My dorm room was even more sparsely decorated, with only my Texas flag and Buzz Lightyears there to take your attention from the default dorm furniture. It didn't feel like our room was full of useless things when space was at such a premium, and the things that were there were such personal reflections of myself that I really felt at home. I feel like a lot of contemporary decorations are such that people could trade houses and feel no less at home. But my spaces have always been such personal extensions of myself that I could not bear living in a space decorated or designed by somebody else for any extended period of time. And I also love going into a room that is clearly decorated based on a person's hobbies and interests, as it immediately tells me more about the person and gives you such an easy conversation starter. If you walk into somebody's room and they have something out of the ordinary that catches your eye, you know it will make their day if you ask them about it.

Now, at this point I will admit that I am not good at the design side of interior decorating. By this I mean I think there are ways to use the decorations that I want, but still make the layout and placement look really clean and cohesive. I tend to lean more towards just placing new favorite objects wherever there is space, without trying to make the whole room "come together" as it were. And I think this is where generic decorations have the upper hand. Since they are so generic, once you kind of pick a theme they all go together. Making your model jet go with your childhood stuffed frog is more difficult. I would appreciate any tips in this area.

The space I am most concerned about both practically and aesthetically is my desk, since it is where I spend most of my time. Currently, my target aesthetic appears to be "red" with my mouse, keyboard, headphones, PC case, and light strips either being red or emitting red. It actually looks good, albeit a bit too much of a gamer vibe. My target aesthetic is "cyber academia" or "hackademia." My set of the Great Books helps with that, but it still tends to be totally divorced from the tech stuff. I want a way to mesh them together design wise. I will update this post if I figure out how.