First Aid is a touchy subject….

Here at Abacus Training it is our mission to ensure that the other 50% of people become qualified First Aiders with our range of courses that are available. On estimate 97% of people feel that it is essential to be first aid qualified but less than half have the confidence to act if they were put in the situation. At Abacus, we aim to make sure that everyone who is qualified for First Aid, deliver at the time of need without fear or hesitation.

The benefits of these lifesaving skills are making sure that people are trained and have the essential skills needed if a situation turns life threatening. The courses give you the skills required to ensure that YOU can make a difference in these situations. You will learn about how to perform CPR, use an automated external defibrillator, bandage injuries, and control blood flow. These are all critical skills for emergencies anywhere at any time.

So, what exactly is First Aid? Well… First aid is the help given to someone who is injured or ill, to keep them safe until they can get more advanced medical treatment by seeing a doctor, health professional or go to hospital. This can essentially save someone’s life, if you have the right skills to know how to perform certain practical elements. We make sure at Abacus that you have the required skills needed to save someone’s life.



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